Thursday, July 4, 2013

NOTD: MAC "Oriele Orange"

Today's notd is for my second ever MAC polish. I was tempted to get this when it came out last year, but didn't feel it was worth the price. Luckily, on a trip to the cosmetic company store I found this polish at a discounted price!

"Oriele Orange" is a beautiful coral polish with a cream finish.

The finish of this polish is a cream, my favorite. Though I only used 2 coats in the photos below, I did notice some bald spots so you might need 3.

(MAC "Oriele Orange," 2 coats)

(MAC "Oriele Orange," 2 coats)

My original hesitatnce to purchase this polish also stemmed from its similarities to OPI "Cajun Shrimp." However, on second examination, "Oriele Orange" is definitely more orange. I swatched the two below so you could get a look for yourself. Of the two I would also say that the MAC also has a creamier finish, whereas the OPI has a semi-cream, semi-jelly finish.

The two are very similar, but this bright type of coral is one of my favorites to wear on both fingers and toes for summer, so I thought it'd be worth it.

Happy Fourth of July (:

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