Thursday, February 21, 2013

NOTD: Essie "Lady Like"

Today's notd is for Essie's "Lady Like," a creamy mauve polish. I initially was uncertain if I wanted to purchase this polish since I felt it so closely resembled one of my favorite polishes, OPI's "Tickle My France-y." However, being a nail addict, I caved. The two polishes are actually quite different. I'll try to do a comparison post and will link it once I do.

[Update (05/15/13): comparison post with OPI "Tickle My France-y & China Glaze "Dress Me Up" here]

(Essie "Lady Like")

The formula on "Lady Like" is not decent. 2 coat for opacity. The color of this polish can be transformative depending on the lighting. In certain lights it looks like a milky mauve, and in others the purple tones are much stronger. (Excuse the yellow-ish lighting below. I don't know if its the gradual shift of the sunlight, but I have been having lighting issues lately.)

"Lady Like" is a very cute, chic feminine color that is a great choice if you shy away from pinks. (I, for one, own zero medium pinks - only baby pinks or bright pinks. Medium pinks clash with the yellow in my skin tone).

(Essie "Lady Like," 2 coats)

(Essie "Lady Like," 2 coats)

(Essie "Lady Like," 2 coats)

Between "Lady Like" and OPI's "Tickle My Francey-y" I still love OPI much much more. Despite that, I still wear "Lady Like" enough that there is a noticeable dent in the polish.

What are you wearing?

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