Sunday, June 30, 2013

Polish Comparison: Collective Mint Polishes

Mint nail polishes are one of my weaknesses. When Butter London's "Fiver" was released, I told myself that 6 mint polishes were enough. I did not need a 7th mint polish that retailed for $16. However, I splurged anyway. To make my addiction somewhat useful, I decided to do a collective comparison of all my mint polishes. No two are dupes for one another, though you may find that some are fairly close.

I have done full notds/reviews for each of these polishes. So if you want to know how they look on my fingers, links below. Otherwise, let's get straight into the comparisons.

Essie "Absolutely Shore"
Zoya "Neely"
China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint"
Revlon "Minted"
Butter London "Fiver"
Essie "Mint Candy Apple"
POP Beauty "Mint Magic"

Here's an overview swatch of all the polishes. (I included Revlon "Minted" twice so you could gauge the consistency in lighting.

When I began this post I knew immediately that there were 3 different types of mint here.
We have:
  1. grey-toned mints (Absolutely Shore, Neely)
  2. neutral-toned mints (Re-fresh Mint, Minted)
  3. blue-toned mints (Fiver, Mint Candy Apple, Mint Magic)

Let's start with the grey-toned ones. I put them next to China Glaze's "Re-fresh Mint" in the hopes that it would demonstrate their grey tones. But that didn't work out too well.
You can still see that:
  • Essie "Absolutely Shore" is the most pale
  • Zoya "Neely" is the darkest
  • Zoya "Neely" is the most grey

For the neutral mints we have China Glaze's "Re-Fresh Mint" and Revlon's "Minted."
(If you saw my notd for "Minted," than take note of the strange powdery finish.)

My observations for these two:
  • "Re-fresh Mint" is more pale
  • "Minted" is more green

Butter London "Fiver" is probably the most difficult of the bunch to place. It only looks blue when it's placed next to a greener mint. To demonstrate, I put it aside Revlon "Minted" and Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" below. It's not nearly as blue as "Mint Candy Apple," but it definitely looks bluer than "Minted."

And now for blue-toned mint polishes.
My observations:
  • POP Beauty is the brightest
  • Butter London is hardly blue when compared to the others
  • POP Beauty and Essie are very similar. POP Beauty is just more bright

Now that we're done looking at hues, lets look at tone.
I decided to gather Essie's "Absolutely Shore," Zoya's "Neely" and Butter London's "Fiver" together because they were the most pale of the entire batch.

The result:
  • Essie's "Absolutely Shore" is much closer to "Fiver" than any of the blue-toned mints were (surprise, right?)
  • Essie and Butter London are nearly equal in paleness
  • Neely is the darkest
  • Fiver's blue tones really stand out when put next to the greys

Hah. I got this up a day later than the range I promised but at least it's finally up! Last minute plans happened last night that put me in the city until well past midnight (the time I originally thought I'd be sitting at home finishing up this post).
I hope you enjoyed it and that it was well worth the wait! (:


  1. I may need Zoya "Neely" and Essie "Mint Candy Apple." I just may...such a comprehensive post! Great job ♡

  2. I think all my mints are on the darker end of the spectrum, I really like Essie Mint Candy Apple and also may have to pick that up...