Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Polish Comparison: OPI "Tickle My France-y," Essie "Lady Like," China Glaze "Dress Me Up"

Though I promised a comparison with Zoya's "Neely" with other mint polishes, I seem to not be able to find my Essie's "Absolutely Shore" (the one polish that I really want to compare it to), so I'll have to put that off for now.

Instead, I have another comparison you with a selection of mauve polishes: OPI's "Tickle My France-y," Essie's "Lady Like," and China Glaze's "Dress Me Up."

OPI "Tickle My France-y"

This is my favorite of the bunch. It has the perfect combination of mauve and nude. Very transformative polish. 2-3 coats for opacity. More photos and complete review here.

Essie "Lady Like"

Beautiful must-have color from the Essie line. 2 coats for opacity. More photos and full review here.

China Glaze "Dress Me Up"

I hesitated before purchasing this polish because I already had both OPI's "Tickle My France-y" and Essie's "Lady Like," but it is actually noticeably different from the two (AND it was from The Hunger Games collection so it was just that much harder to resist). I haven't done a full notd for this polish, but I did find a photo I took and never used. The formula on this polish is very smooth. 2 coats for opacity.

And now for the bombardment of comparison swatch.

My observations from these swatches:
  • OPI is the most "nude" (stronger brown tones especially next to "Lady Like")
  • Essie is the brightest and most purple
  • China Glaze is just darker in general (more closely resembling OPI in its browner tone)

Though these 3 are in the same color family, and any sane person would be fine having only 1 or 2 of the 3, I am a self-proclaimed nail addict and therefore enjoy the variety. "Lady Like" is great when you want a more feminine look. "Tickle My France-y" is the most natural. "Dress Me Up" is a great darker hue for fall.

Which is your favorite?
Would you want all 3?


  1. I would want all 3 (since I already have 2 :P) I like how these are variations in the same hue, it'd be fun to do an ombre look!

  2. Great swatch! I have tickle my france-y, and i really love it, so perfect nude. For me, it's enough to have one kind of color since they are looked alike, though I'm interested in lady like. Thank you for your swatch.