Monday, August 13, 2012

Essie "Borrowed and Blue"

Today's nail of the day is an old favorite from Essie's 2011 Wedding Collection, "Borrowed and Blue." "Borrowed and Blue" is a pale baby blue with some hints of grey.

(photographed: Essie "Borrowed and Blue")

"Borrowed and Blue" is like the blue version of Essie's "Absolutely Shore" - both are very pale and have slight grey tints to them. I tried to get two different photos to show the two different sides to this polish. "Borrowed and Blue," though very heavy on the white tint, is still a very cute baby blue color.

(photographed: Essie "Borrowed and Blue," 2-3 coats)

The photo above demonstrates how blue the polish can appear, whereas the photo below shows it's powder-y side.

(photographed: Essie "Borrowed and Blue," 2-3 coats)

  • Very cute color. I have yet to come across a duplicate.
  • Even though "Borrowed and Blue" is blue, a color intimidating to many, I think it's a rather safe and easy blue to get away with if you're shy to color.
  • Great on most skin tones. The grey tone in this polish makes it very neutral, ready to accompany a variety of skin tones.
  • Wearable all year round. It's neither too bright for winter nor too dark for summer. 
  • The formula can be a bit streaky. 2-3 coats will be needed depending on how thin your coats are. 

Final Verdict: This was one of my favorite colors last spring and is still a favorite now. It's a timeless piece of my collection that I still return to despite all the new polishes I have gathered in the past year.

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