Monday, August 20, 2012

Orly "Fancy Fuchsia"

Today's nail post is another bright pink for summer. Orly's "Fancy Fuchsia," as you can probably guess from it's name is fuchsia color. "Fancy Fuchsia" is unique in its vibrant quality, falling just short of being neon.

(photographed: Orly "Fancy Fuchsia")

If you're like me and own a small collection of bright pinks then you are probably curious how "Fancy Fuchsia" compares to other polishes. I have more photos and complete review for both Essie's "Knockout Pout" and China Glaze's "Shocking Pink", and provided a comparison photo below as well.

(photographed [L to R]: Essie "Knockout Pout," China Glaze "Shocking Pink," Orly "Fancy Fuchsia")

Even in my collection of pink polishes, I find that "Fancy Fuchsia" is such a unique color and love how it looks on my hands.

(photographed: Orly "Fancy Fuchsia," 1-2 coats, natural lighting)

  • Bright, fun pink for summer
  • Easy application and opaque! Most fingers only needed 1 coat. A select few needed a second coat.
  • Doesn't look horrible with my skin despite it's cooler tones.
  • Like other neons, "Fancy Fuchsia" dries semi-matte. However, that is hardly a con if you're not too lazy to put on top coat!

Final Verdict: Orly's "Fancy Fuchsia" is joining the rank of my favorite bright pinks for summer. The formula is amazing and the color is fun. Definitely worth checking into if you love bright pinks!


  1. knockout pink looks like such a muted pink in comparison to the other two fuchsia!

    Totally loving your top coat, I went out and bought "Instant Dry" in Clear instead of the "Insta-Dri" Top Coat D:

    1. "Knockout Pout" is definitely the most tame of the three, but definitely don't mistaken it for muted. It's a fairly bright pink.

      I've never tried that top coat. I'm too impatient to buy top coats that aren't quick dry ones.