Monday, May 13, 2013

NOTD: China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint"

Today I have another mint notd for China Glaze's "Re-fresh Mint." I would say that out of all the mints that I own, this one is the truest mint green polish. It's not too bright, too green, too blue, too grey, too anything. It is simply mint.

The formula of this polish is the standard amazing China Glaze formula. Two coats and you have a nice smooth, non-streaky, opaque finish.

(China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint," 2 coats)

(China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint," 2 coats)

Not much else to say for this polish. It's one of China Glaze's must-haves for me, especially since I think China Glaze has one of the best formulas for their cream polishes.

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  1. and it looks amazing on you! ^^ I was wondering when this would be popping up!