Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Update

Happy 2014 everyone!

It's been nearly 2 months since I've updated and I wanted to finally tune in to say that I haven't completely forgotten about this blog. Quite the opposite actually.

From the latter half of 2013, I knew this blog needed some changes. Weekly book reviews became extinct, nail polish posts were far and few between, and I could only guarantee 1 post a month (if even that).

For 2014 I didn't want to fall into the same rut. Rather than drag on as a blog that will only update once a month I knew I had two options:

1. to stop blogging on here entirely,
2. change things drastically.

And though I didn't like the sound of 1, I've been racking my brain for how to manage number 2.

And I'm here to announce, I have found my solution.

Here are the major changes coming to this blog starting March 2014:

  1. NO NEW NAIL POLISH POSTS. Yes, I realize that alienates 99% of the people who come to this blog. But hey, if I have to invest my time and energy into something, it's going to be enjoyable dammit. And seeing as I probably posted 1 or 2 notds in the latter half of 2013, it's not all that fun anymore when I'm not constantly buying new things.
  2. WEEKLY BOOK GENRE SPOTLIGHTS. I'm a reader of many interests. I can't singularly devote this blog to one genre. I need to do it all. So, what I thought would work best (with much credit to the boyfriend), is to focus on a different genre each week. The weekly spotlights will include a variation of book reviews/book raves, favorite author mentions, new releases, and whatever else I can see being interesting. Seeing as there is generally 4 weeks in a month, I will do 4 genre spotlights. The genres will be:
    • Comics
    • Children's (illustrated books up to elementary/early middle school)
    • Teen/YA books
    • Wild Card (this will change from month to month depending on what I want to talk about)
  3. MONTHLY READING UPDATES will stay (for now). They may appear every month or every other month depending on how I'm feeling.

All these changes will come into effect next month (March 2014).

I realize that these changes may not seem drastic, but it'll be a major step from where I left off last year.

I'm very much excited for this new endeavor. And I hope you choose to join me as I explore this new terrain. :)

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