Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polish Comparison: China Glaze "Tinsel Town" vs. OPI "Metallic 4 Life"

Another polish comparison!
I do these at a fairly slow rate. But I figure there are so many nail bloggers serving as amazing polish comparing resources that my promptness on this matter isn't an utmost necessity.

For today's comparison I have two glitters, China Glaze's "Tinsel Town" from their 2012 Holiday collection and OPI's "Metallic 4 Life" from their Nicki Minaj collection. I'm mostly doing this comparison to debunk the claim my friend, dafinepolish, made that these two polishes are a lot a like. Hopefully it will be helpful to others who think the same as well. 

China Glaze's "Tinsel Town" is full-glitter charcoal glitter with a blue-undertone. 2 coats for opacity. More photos and full review here.

OPI's "Metallic 4 Life" is a chunky silver glitter in a jelly black base. I recommend using a black base with this polish. More photos and full review here.

Here's a bottle shot. A little blurry. But you can already see some clear differences between the two. "Tinsel Town" is all one tone where as "Metallic 4 Life" is clearly silver glitter mixed in a black base.

And here are the final swatches.
The color, finish, and overall look of these polishes are very different. Yes, they both have a silver quality to them, but that alone hardly makes them similar.

As far as which polish I prefer, I think they are so vastly different that I would say I like them equally, just for different occasions/moods. "Metallic 4 Life" is better for when I want to sport a darker look but don't want to go for a flat dark manicure. And "Tinsel Town" is better when I'm in the mood for a lot more glitter.

Do you own these?
Which do you prefer?


  1. Though I own 'Tinsel Town' I need to get 'Metallic 4 Life' :o! (Though I wonder how I may be able to achieve a similar look using essie 'set in stones' over black, though I think the essie might render a bright-glittery look vs the rocker chic that Metallic 4 Life offers)

    I like the two-glitters in Metallic 4 Life, but I also love the uniformity in "Tinsel Town" Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! ...I will probably own both soon.

    1. In my "Metallic 4 Life" notd I talk all about Essie "set in stones" and how I don't think it would create the same look. But if you're not super particular, like me, than you might be okay with just using that and a black base. (: