Thursday, September 27, 2012

Butter London "Blagger"

Today's nail of the day is for Butter London's "Blagger," the perfect royal blue. From just looking at the bottle, the color can appear rather boring and not worth the price, but this is one of those colors that makes me smile whenever I have it on my fingers.

(photographed: Butter London "Blagger")

"Blagger" is a perfect example of why I continue to purchase Butter London polishes despite the steep price. The formula is fairly opaque. 1 coat did the trick for most fingers with only a couple fingers requiring a second coat.

(photographed: Butter London "Blagger," 1-2 coats, natural lighting)

"Blagger" is one of those colors that you can wear all year. It's brightness distinguishes it from other blues such as China Glaze's "Man Hunt" or "First Mate" but is less vibrant than something like Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue."

(photographed: Butter London "Blagger," 1-2 coats, natural lighting)

Final Verdict: "Blagger" is definitely one of the better formulated Butter London polishes. I think everyone's collection could use a creamy royal blue and I have yet to see one like Butter London's "Blagger."


  1. This is so pretty! Glad to hear it's different from CG "First Mate" Do you have CG "Shower Together" -- this is the only polish that's keeping me from trying "blagger"

    1. I don't have "Shower Together" but I've seen it in person/looked at photos thinking about whether or not I should get it, and it is definitely not at all similar to "Blagger." "Shower Together" is a turquoise and "Blagger" is a true royal blue.