Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks, 2012

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and as big holidays approach I always think back to what I did last year and how much/little things have changed.

So, I wrote this whole post about each person I know who I wanted to give individual thanks to this Thanksgiving, but it was too touchy-feely for me and I'm just going to be a horrible person and say this: to those of you in my life that I talk to (that includes anyone I text/call/actually meet up with in person, because I don't often voluntarily talk to those I don't like), I am thankful for your existence. Yes, sadly, that is the best I can do. Pathetic, you don't have to tell me. I'm not amazing at expressing how I feel. It's a problem that will probably come back to bite me in the ass, but if you're important to me, hopefully you understand that without my having to write out an entire paragraph dedicated to why that is so. Aren't I super cheery?

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Get those elastic-waist pants on!

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  1. enjoy your yummy yummy meal. ( and a delicious first layer of the main feast !)

    sending you a virtual hug. oh and this: