Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4th Day of Christmas: OPI "Goldeneye" + OPI "The Living Daylights"

Today's 4th Day of Christmas Manicure is fun combination that uses two polishes from the newest OPI Skyfall Collection, "Goldeneye" and "The Living Daylights."

"Goldeneye" is an amazing bronze-y gold with a foil finish. You can find more pictures and my complete review of this polish here.

(photographed: OPI "Goldeneye")

"The Living Daylights" is a chunky hexagonal glitter in a clear base. The glitters are made up of blue/teal, copper-y/bronze, and silver glitters of equal size. The brush of this polish picks up glitter extremely well (a nice contrast to polishes such as Wet n Wild's "Party of Five Glitters"), but it almost does this too well. I find I have to wipe off the brush a lot or I end up with glitter overload on my fingers, and not in a pleasant sense.

(photographed: OPI "The Living Daylights")

Despite the fact that I don't normally paint glitter just on the tips, "Goldeneye" has such an amazing foil finish that I didn't want it to overpowered by "The Living Daylights."

(photographed: 3 coats OPI "Goldeneye," OPI "The Living Daylights" on the tips)

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The various colored glitters in "The Living Daylights" really compliments "Goldeneye," and I can picture many more manicures I can do with this polish.

(photographed: 3 coats OPI "Goldeneye," OPI "The Living Daylights" on the tips)

This is one of those manicures that I feel is great for those days where you're feeling festive and want glitter, but don't necessarily want your nails to scream "Christmas." This nail combination really does the trick. (Excuse the flash of neon orange you can see on my pinky nail and the bottle in the photos. I took these photos after my morning run and didn't notice the reflection of my neon coral/pink shirt until afterwards.)

(photographed: 3 coats OPI "Goldeneye," OPI "The Living Daylights" on the tips)

Well, that ends the fourth post in my 25 Days of Christmas Manicures series. I hope you're liking the manicures so far. They're fairly basic, but for someone who really enjoys the no-hassle option when it comes to festive nails, I think these work out pretty well. (:

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  1. lovely :D.

    I always want to layer something on top of "golden eye" but hate having to cover the the color so I skip the glitter...but placing a majority on the tips was a great idea.