Friday, December 6, 2013

What to Expect: December 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, there are many posts that I want to get out before the year ends- all of which belong to the book/reading category (apologies to those who only return for the nail stuff).

My mind is continuously racing with what posts I want to get out. I know I want to do another "Favorite Reads" post like I did last year. I would still like to do a monthly reading update solely for December. Also, I wanted to do a cumulative post on everything I have read this year, so you can see the complete list if interested. (Last year I also did a "2013 Reading List" but I probably won't be doing that this year seeing as my actual reading list is neverending and publishing said list would be dry and uninformative.)

Now, that may not seem like a whole lot. But considering I've been barely managing to update once a month, 3 (4 if you count my upcoming book haul) will be a major feat for me. (To imagine I began this year blogging several times a week.) However, I will be on a winter break from work starting mid/late-December so a return to more frequent blogging may be in my future.

Here is how I want to plan out the month:
  • next 1-2 weeks: book haul
  • late December: 
    • December Reading Update
    • Favorite Reads of 2013
    • complete list of books read in 2013

All tentative of course.
Maybe I'll reverse the last two.

I like schedules, lists, planning, and organization if you can't already tell.
Other than monthly reading updates, I have yet to look at all of 2013 as a whole, so I'm quite excited to get started on these posts, and I hope this "What to Expect" post gave you something to look forward to too.

Happy December :)

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