Saturday, May 17, 2014

CHILDREN'S | Lists: If You Love Your Children #2

I don't usually put up posts this late, but my body's reaction to the rise in temperature has been to vegetate. And now that the temperature has dropped, I can bear to be closer to my computer. 

Today's post, as you can see from the title, is a continuation of a series I started back in March. (If you want to see If You Love Your Children #1, you can find it here).

In this particular series, I go over some children's books that I recommed-ones I would personally purchase if/when I have my own children. I try to get a mixture of illustrated, elementary, and middle school books, but some posts will be uneven according to what I've been finding.

And, lastly, even if you don't have kids, and you just love children's book such as I do, then you can still get something out of these.

So..let's get into it!



Journey (Aaron Becker). This book is purely illustrations, but it needs no words. It follows a young girl as she steps into a new world, creating anything she wishes with her red marker. Love this one. I wish I could have a huge poster of this in my bedroom.

You Are Stardust (Elin Kelsey, Soyeon Kim). Simply beautiful. This book lists random scientific facts but does so in a poetic manner. The illustrations are beautiful and completely unlike anything else I have seen. Love, love, love it.


 I Want My Hat Back (Jon Klassen). One of the funniest children's books I've read. I am always literally laughing out loud when I read it. This is one you can definitely enjoy even if you're not reading it to kids.

This Is Not My Hat (Jon Klassen). This book by Klassen is of the same nature as the previous one. I like I Want My Hat Back more, but this one has some added elements that it's predecessor doesn't have. So I would still buy both.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath (Mo Willems). This is actually a recommendation for all the Pigeon books by Willems. Aside from the series' quirky Pigeon protagonist, these books are meant to be read aloud to children. As I read them (especially Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus), I could hear young children shouting alongside it.


The Riverman (Aaron Starmer). If you've read my book rave, then it's no surprise that I'm including this book. The Riverman is a wonderful read that pits you right on the border of magic and realism. I'd recommend this book for mature middle schoolers and above due to some violence and innuendo. I can already tell from this book that Aaron Starmer is going to be a new favorite author of mine.

As always, thanks for reading~

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