Thursday, March 13, 2014

CHILDREN'S | Book Lists: If You Love Your Children

On this monthly segment I intend to list some book recommendations for your children/future children/nieces & nephews/friend's kids/etc. The recommendations will vary, ranging from books you can read aloud, to elementary/middle school chapter books.
Even as an adult, I love reading children's books and keep a list of books I want to pass on to my children (when the time comes).

Keep reading to discover my Children's recommendations and/or rediscover old favorites.

Ones you can read to your children...

The Golden Rule - Ilene Cooper

In this children's illustrated book, a father explains the golden rule to his son- that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. It's an old adage that has been repeatedly infinitely to where I don't give it a second thought when I hear it anymore (as horrible as that may be). However, what I really loved about this book, was that the father went through how this saying has its derivations in all religions and cultures. I personally think this is a great book to read to young children.

Since we just covered a more serious (preachy) book, let's do a fun one. The title gives the plot of this book away (as most children's illustrated books actually do). It's humorous and fun.

One for their growing late-elementary/middle school years...

Wonder - R.J. Palacio
I posted a book rave on Wonder just a few days back, but I just wanted to emphasize how great I think this book is. The main premise is of Auggie, a young boy who has been physically disfigured from past surgeries, and his entrance into the school system. If you want to hear me rave about it some more, you can find my review here. 

I think these three are a great way to start off this monthly series.
I'm already harboring ideas for the next one. ;)

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