Wednesday, March 19, 2014

COMICS | Book Lists: Comic Series I'm Currently Reading

The title for this one is pretty self-explanatory.

I have recently found myself in the midst of some great comic series and wanted to share how I've been liking them.

It's mostly a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, so be prepared for that.

(All photos are courtesy of Goodreads)


Locke & Key - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez

genre: urban fantasy/horror 
status: completed
volumes released: 6
where I'm at: just recently finished the 1st volume
how I'm liking it so far: I just recently posted a book rave on this, so it's no secret that I'm really enjoying it. It combines urban fantasy with a hint of horror. Great characters & great art. I think it's going to become an all-time favorite. 

The Walking Dead - Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore

genre: post apocalyptic/zombies
status: ongoing
volumes released: 20
where I'm at: recently finished the 2nd volume
how I'm liking it so far: Thus far, I'd give this comic series a rating of 2.5-3 out of 5 stars. It's enjoyable, but it lacks interesting characters and anything that (so far) makes it unique in the world of zombie stories. Predictable so far. Nonetheless, I'm still having fun.

Saga - Brian K. Vaughan, et al.

genre: fantasy
status: ongoing
volumes released: 2 (3 in less than a week!)
where I'm at: I've read the first two issues that are published and am currently waiting for the release of the third 
how I'm liking it so far: I enjoy Vaughan's work, and this series is no exception. Of all the comics I have read/am currently reading, this one has one of the most unique premises. I may like it more than Y: The Last Man.

The Unwritten - Mike Carey, Peter Gross, et al.

genre: urban fantasy
status: ongoing
volumes released: 8
where I'm at: I've completed 7 of the 8 published (currently waiting for my library to order the 8th)
how I'm liking it so far: To sum up my thoughts on The Unwritten: great concept, so-so characters. I love stories about storytelling/writing/etc., and the story of The Unwritten is very captivating. However, I think the characters greatly lack depth. I don't care much for the main trio. They're not a horrible cast, just nothing all that relatable or real. That aside, I still greatly enjoy this series.

Sandman - Neil Gaiman, et al.

genre: fantasy
status: completed
volumes released: 12
where I'm at: finished the first 3 (about a year ago)
how I'm liking it so far: I actually greatly enjoyed this series. I finished the third volume when I was amongst finals and just never picked it up again afterwards. It's one I'd prefer to reread from the beginning, and one I definitely will be coming back to.

Fables - Bill Willingham, et al.

status: ongoing
volumes released: 20
where I'm at: only finished the 1st over a year ago
how I'm liking it so far: The story of my attempts to read this book is a frustrating one to tell. I read the first volume from the library, and immediately put the second on hold. It stayed on hold for several months (even though I was first on the waitlist), and suddenly disappeared off my list one day. I was so annoyed, I didn't bother to try and obtain it again. I did enjoy what I have read so far, and will look to continue this series again sometime this year.

Thanks for reading! :)

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