Friday, July 6, 2012

Deborah Lippmann "Glamorous Life"

Today's notd, Deborah Lippmann's "Glamorous Life," is a favorite for me. "Glamorous Life" is a perfect rose gold. It looks exactly like a liquified rose gold watch.

(photographed: Deborah Lippmann "Glamorous Life")

The "rose" quality of this polish is much easier to see in the photo below than the actual photos of it on my hand. The formula for "Glamorous Life" is very liquid-y. You can see how easily it turns in the bottle. 

(photographed: Deborah Lippmann "Glamorous Life")

However, even on my hand "Glamorous Life" has this ethereal "glow" to it that makes it the epitome of elegance.

(photographed: Deborah Lippmann "Glamorous Life," 3 coats, outdoors)

Rose is a bit more evident in the photo below than the one above.

(photographed: Deborah Lippmann "Glamorous Life," 3 coats, shade)

  • Beautiful, beautiful color.
  • Perfect for a wedding, but subtle enough for work at the same time!
  • An exact rose-gold match. Even Orly's "Rage," another beautiful color, doesn't match the rose-gold color profile perfectly (it has a strong silver quality to it).
  • Easy formula to work with. 3 thin coats did the trick for me. (Keep in mind, I've had friends who have had a lot of trouble with this formula. For me, however, it works flawlessly).
  • This polish is priced at $16, a steep price for a nail polish. I would recommend to wait for deals, sadly, Deborah Lippmann doesn't seem to hold many.

Final Verdict:  Love, love, love this color. I'm very frugal with buying higher end nail polish, but even then, I would buy this polish at full price again. I can't get over how magical and glowing this polish is.

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