Sunday, July 8, 2012

Butter London "Slapper"

Today's notd is Butter London's "Slapper." "Slapper" is a beautiful, bright teal/turquoise color. I had been staring at "Slapper" for quite a while, and after weeks and weeks of returning to the same Butter London section in Ulta, I finally decided to just snatch it up. And I'm very pleased I finally did!

(photographed: Butter London "Slapper")

Slapper is such a unique color that falls short of fitting in any one category. It is incredibly bright when worn outdoors, but is far from being neon. And though the polish may belong in the "creme" category, something about the finish seems like a cross between a creme and a jelly. Lastly, "Slapper" is neither teal nor turquoise, but a hybrid of the two. The turquoise aspect of the color is much more apparent in person. There is much more green to this color than meets the camera lens.

(photographed: Butter London "Slapper," 2 coats, shade)

The above photo is definitely more true to color than the one below, though the shade is definitely masking the brightness of this polish. Direct sunlight, however, in combination with the camera lens makes the color lose all of its green qualities. I suggest maybe picking up a bottle in Ulta (or wherever else Butter London is sold) to take a look for yourself.

(photographed: Butter London "Slapper," 2 coats, direct sunlight)

  • Bright color, perfect for summer.
  • Unique. I have yet to find any color that even comes close in resemblance. 
  • Could work with a variety of skin tones. The only people I can imagine this polish not looking good on is those who tend to have strong red-tones. The green tones in this polish could possibly give you that "lobster hand" effect.
  • Completely opaque in two coats.
  • Butter London retails at $14, which is relatively higher than other brands that have great quality and color selections. I never buy Butter London at full price though. So wait for an online deal, or for an Ulta coupon!

Final Verdict: I'm the kind of girl who loves wearing neon on her toes, but is wary of wearing a color so blinding on her hands. For my fingers, I'm a bigger fan of bright colors that fall short of being in the "neon" category, and this color is no exception. Butter London "Slapper" is a unique, bright color that I will wear often throughout summer. Getting it for $11.27 with a coupon (compared to the original $14) is just a bonus!

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