Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zoya "Arizona"

Today's nail post is for Zoya "Arizona," a creamy bright orange-yellow color that is definitely heavier on the orange. I chose to wear "Arizona" since I was going to a Giant's game with a friend.  It is very appropriate for this summer seeing as how orange/tangerine colors have become increasingly popular.

(photographed: Zoya "Arizona")

"Arizona" is the only orange color I own. I always thought oranges would look terrible with my skin, but I'm very pleasantly surprised.

(photographed: Zoya "Arizona," 3 coats, shade)

Even in the shade you can see how bright "Arizona" is. However, it is far from being neon, a quality I'm thankful for. Though I've become brave enough to try orange, I doubt I'm ready for a neon orange.

(photographed: Zoya "Arizona," 3 coats, shade)

  • Cute color. I love that this color is an orange-yellow color rather than just orange. It makes it more unique.
  • I'm very happy with how this color looks on my hands. Much more flattering than anticipated.
  • After 3 coats there were still small bald spots on the majority of my fingers.

Final Verdict: I really enjoy the color of this polish. The formula isn't too difficult to work with either. So, I will definitely continue wearing it through summer, especially on my toes!

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