Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Essie "Penny Talk" + Sephora by OPI "Traffic Copper Stopper"

Today's nail of the day features one of my favorite glitters to use in the colder seasons, Sephora by OPI's "Traffic Copper Stopper." I decided to layer it over Essie's "Penny Talk" since both polishes are in the copper color range.

(photographed [L to R]: Essie "Penny Talk," Sephora by OPI "Traffic Copper Stopper")

"Traffic Copper Stopper" is a copper glitter in a clear base and has both small round glitters as well as bigger ones.

(Sephora by OPI "Traffic Copper Stopper")

 For this look I used two coats of "Penny Talk" and one coat of "Traffic Copper Stopper."

(2coats Essie "Penny Talk," 1 coat SOPI "Traffic Copper Stopper")

I considered adding a second coat but thought the glitter might be too overwhelming. Overall, I like how the various glitter sizes go with Essie's "Penny Talk." A fun combination for fall.

(2coats Essie "Penny Talk," 1 coat SOPI "Traffic Copper Stopper")

Would you wear this combination?


  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog today as I was googling "rose gold nail polish reviews." I really like your combinations of book reviews as well as food and nail polishes. Thanks to your review I will be purchasing the Deborah Lippmann polish in Glamorous Life

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I'm glad you're enjoying such a strange combination of interests/hobbies and hope you like the Deborah Lippmann polish! (: