Friday, October 5, 2012

Zoya "Kendal"

Today's nail of the day is one that I find rather appropriate for fall. Zoya's "Kendal" is a creamy grey with a slight purple tint. It's the greyer version of Essie's "Lilacism." I think this color is perfect for fall, especially for those who tire easily of darker hues.

(photographed: Zoya "Kendal")

The grey quality of "Kendal" makes it an easy color for everyone to wear. I find that it's purple tones makes it unique. I do think that my photos below hide some of the purple tones. The one above of the bottle itself is the most accurate depiction of the polish's true color.

(photographed: Zoya "Kendal," 2 coats, natural lighting)

Even though it was effortless to get opaque coverage in 2 coats, I found the formula a bit "goopy." But it's not too difficult to work around.

(photographed: Zoya "Kendal," 2 coats, natural lighting)

Final Verdict: If you love greys, than you'll probably love this one. I think I'm going to mostly enjoy layering glitters over this polish.

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