Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Revlon "Vixen"

Today's nail of the day post is for one of the darkest nail polish colors you will ever catch me wearing, Revlon's "Vixen." This polish is one of those chocolate-cherry/blood red colors that is essentially an incredibly deep reddish-brown color.

(photographed: Revlon "Vixen")

I find this polish appropriate for the colder seasons and absolutely adore how deep this polish is without looking black. This color is actually darker in the photo above than it is in person. In the sunlight you can really pick up on the brown hue. You can particularly see it in the bottle in the photo below.

(photographed: Revlon "Vixen," 3 coats, natural lighting)

As much as I love this color, I'm not a huge of the formula. It was rather streaky and took 3 thin coats to get opaque coverage though I still might have noticed select bald spots after the 3 coats.

(photographed: Revlon "Vixen," 3 coats, natural lighting)

Even if you don't pick Revlon's "Vixen" I can't imagine having a polish collection without this sort of chocolate-cherry color.

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  1. very very pretty~ short nails & dark polish go very well together :)