Thursday, October 25, 2012

Battle of the Baby Pink Polishes

I have been meaning to compare my baby pink polishes for some time now, but seeing as I knew they were wearable through all seasons, I put it off. But here it is for you today! I intend to compare Butter London's "Teddy Girl," Revlon's "Pale Cashmere" from the Colorstay line, and Essie's "Fiji."

([L to R]: Butter London "Teddy Girl," Revlon "Pale Cashmere," Essie "Fiji")

Below I have swatches of each polish next to one another followed by individual shots on my fingers. You can immediately tell that "Pale Cashmere" is the palest, followed by "Fiji" and "Teddy Girl."

([L to R]: Revlon "Pale Cashmere," Essie "Fiji," Butter London "Teddy Girl")

Revlon's "Pale Cashmere," though incredibly wearable and office-appropriate, was almost too pale for me. I was disappointed how much more pale it looked on my fingers as opposed to the bottle. This may just because I have medium skin tone, so the contrast made it look lighter, but it was still pretty nonetheless. Though I want to call this color a "sheer" pink rather than a "baby" pink (what I consider two completely different categories), I cannot see how you can wear sheer layers of this polish. The formula is VERY streaky. Good luck applying less than 3 coats.

(photographed: Revlon "Pale Cashmere," 3 coats, natural lighting)

Though I already have a complete review of Essie's "Fiji" here, my opinions of this color go back and forth so I'll talk about it a bit. Sometimes I think this color is too chalky for me (something I mention in my review), other times I love it. The formula is opaque in 3 coats.

(photographed: Essie "Fiji," 3 coats, natural lighting)

Lastly, we have Butter London's "Teddy Girl" the most pink color of the bunch, which I also already did a review of here. I initially said "Teddy Girl" is much better than "Fiji" but I think it really depends on my mood and whether or not I want a pinker color. 3 coats for this one as well.

(photographed: Butter London "Teddy Girl," 3 coats, natural lighting)

This may just be another one of those battles where I can't decide a winner. All three polishes require equal number of coats. And though Revlon's "Pale Cashmere" has the streakiest formula, it is the most natural looking, making it extremely wearable for everyone in any occasion. However, if I were to declare a loser, it would definitely be the Revlon polish. I would not repurchase it. Lastly, I interchange between using "Fiji" and "Teddy Girl" depending on what look I want. So, I'm sorry to say there is no winner. But that just means there's more to love! (:

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