Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NOTD: Revlon "Pale Cashmere"

Today's notd is for Revlon's "Pale Cashmere" from their Colorstay line. I have found that I enjoy this line much more than their original line. The finish is not only much glossier, but it doesn't chip quite as fast. "Pale Cashmere" is a pale pink that gives your hands an incredibly natural nail look.

(Revlon "Pale Cashmere")

I iniitally bought this polish as a substitute for OPI's "Bubble Bath" when I used up that bottle. I was disappointed at how much more pale and less subtle it was than "Bubble Bath." I decided that I would use up the bottle, since I tend to use natural pinks fairly often, and simply wouldn't repurchase. However, the more I used this polish the more it grew on me. I particularly love how glossy of a finish I can get on this polish. In the photos below I still have on my favorite top coat, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat, but the finish without it is still very glossy.

If you would like to see how this polish compares to other pale/baby pinks, I did a full comparison post here.

My main complaint about this post is that it can be a bit streaky and takes about 3 coats in order to achieve a non-streaky, opaque finish. But 3 coats is still within reason so it's not much of a con.

(Revlon "Pale Cashmere," 3 coats)

(Revlon "Pale Cashmere," 3 coats)

(Revlon "Pale Cashmere," 3 coats)

I really have grown to love this polish. I'm not even sure at this point if I want to go back to OPI's "Bubble Bath" when I'm done with this bottle. (:


  1. I was surprised at the non-subtleness of "Bubble Bath" This may be a better option for me. Will keep this on my list.

    1. I'm curious how you define subtle. I usually mean its neither bright nor dark, neither cool nor warm, but neutral and easy to wear w/o attention being drawn to your fingers.

      The main reason I don't think you'll approve of this polish is because it is rather pale (which makes your hands look darker which I know you don't like). Its pale quality also makes it somewhat brighter than 'Bubble Bath.'