Saturday, March 23, 2013

NOTD: OPI "Eurso Euro"

Today's notd was one of my must-have purchases from the OPI Euro Centrale Collection. "Eurso Euro" is a deep blue cream that looks ever-so-slightly indigo.

The formula of this polish is pretty amazing. 1 coat was just slightly less than opaque, so I used 2 for safety. The color is incredibly beautiful, and I would be completely head over heels for this color if it was just slightly more indigo. From the photos below you can see that this blue does lean slightly in the indigo direction (though it may just be a trick of the light), but is still predominantly blue.

(OPI "Eurso Euro," 2 coats)

(OPI "Eurso Euro," 2 coats)

(OPI "Eurso Euro," 2 coats)

Love this polish for spring. I did buy it with the hopes that it had more indigo hints than it did end up having, but I still really love how it looks. It's not the traditional spring pastel, but is still a vibrant color, making it the perfect go-to when I begin tiring of mints and peaches.


  1. This looks gorgeous!!! I love how this looks on your nails! How does this compare to butter london blagger?

    1. Two completely different shades of blue. "Eurso Euro" is much much deeper. I would say its far closer to "First Mate" than "Blagger."