Thursday, March 28, 2013

NOTD: OPI "Metallic 4 Life"

I recently picked up OPI's "Metallic 4 Life" from the Nicki Minaj collection. It was one of those polishes that I regretted passing up so I was very happy that Transdesign still had it. "Metallic 4 Life" is a chunky silver glitter in a jelly black base.

I absolutely love this polish. Even though I think you could try to recreate this look with a basic black cream and something like Essie's "Set in Stones," it just wouldn't look the same (google it and you'll probably agree). There are at least 4 (that's all I could really differentiate) different grades of glitter in this polish and it is very dense. It doesn't look like you just layered the glitter on top (which is why I don't think recreating it will look the same). The glitter looks really infused into the black and it just looks so amazing I can't stop staring.

The formula itself isn't great since the black base is jelly and sheer. It took me 3 coats to get the black opaque enough (removal is going to suck). But next time I'll just layer a black cream underneath and call it good.

(OPI "Metallic 4 You," 3 coats)

What I love about this polish, (and what you can't really see unless you enlarge the photos), is that since the base is a black jelly, when it is layered over some glitters, it makes the glitter more grey/charcoal colored (similar to the concept of a jelly sandwich manicure). The top glitters, however, remain bright and silver. So it makes the manicure appear to have a monochromatic glitter look. (This is also the main reason why layering a silver on top a black looks nothing like this). It gives the manicure a more complex look. Love it!

(OPI "Metallic 4 You," 3 coats)

(OPI "Metallic 4 You," 3 coats)

If you love this polish as much as I do and regret passing up too, check Transdesign for it. I only picked it up a week or two ago so most likely they still have it!

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  1. oh this seems like a darker cg "tinsel town" may have to check out!