Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Haul (Library Edition): May 25, 2013

Second visit to the library this month. This time, I really could've used Matilda's wagon.

In my last library haul, I checked out 8 books and was able to finish 5 of them in three weeks. I found it was especially difficult because I also have purchased books that I want to get to as well. This faces me with the dilemma of library due dates versus what I actually feel like reading.

I recently went back to the library and checked out 15 books (plus 1 e-book and 1 dvd).

As I walked out of the library with my plastic bad loaded to full capacity, and several books in arms, I realized I have reached the highest level of book hoarding. There is no way I can finish all 15 (in addition to the ones I renewed from the last haul) in 3 weeks. But I'll admit, when I unloaded the bag on my bedroom floor and spread them all out, I was filled with great zeal at all my choices. I really got a great selection this time and it's going to be so much fun getting to decide which ones get read first.

I'm going to start this haul by including what I renewed/returned from my last book haul.


Maureen Johnson's 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever

Returned (unread):

Maureen Johnson's The Last Little Blue Envelope

My main reason for returning this one is because I have yet to read its predecessor, 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I figured I'd borrow it again once at least finish its predecessor first.

New batch:  

Top Row:
Thirteen Reasons Why, How to Save A Life, Where Things Come Back, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Boy Meets Boy

Middle Row:
A Natural History of Dragons, This Is What Happy Looks Like, Night, How To Train Your Dragon, The Realms of Possibility

Bottom Row:
Fables Vol. 1, The Happiness Project, Gone Girl, 17 & Gone, Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone (just realized the last 3 all have "Gone" in the title)

(I apologize for the glare. Library books almost always have protective coats which are very reflective when you take photos in well-lit rooms.)

Even though its slightly overwhelming having to choose which books to read and which ones to wait on at the risk of not being able to renew, I love the challenge. But that's just the book-lover in me. <3


  1. Amazing selection!!! So many I wish to read myself! Highly anticipating your thoughts on : Thirteen Reasons Why, How to Save A Life, Where Things Come Back, Boy Meets Boy,This Is What Happy Looks Like, Night, The Realms of Possibility��, The Happiness Project.

  2. Oh my god, your library is SO much better than mine! I'm currently drooling over "The Art Of Fielding" from my favorite bookstore, I'm just working up to buying it...

    1. Oh, I should probably clarify that I had all these put on hold to pick up. So they weren't actually immediately available at my local library. But some library in the county had it and sent it to mine. Still a good alternative to paying for all of them though. :P

      I have been wanting to read The Art of Fielding too! After reading your comment, I may just have to get it in my next purchase.