Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MAC "Abalone Shell"

Today's notd is one from a MAC collection a couple years back. "Abalone Shell" is a creamy nude that is slightly warmer than neutral. "Abalone Shell" is the only MAC polish I've ever bought, and though I've heard controversial things about their polishes in general, I have nothing bad to say about the formula.

(photographed: MAC "Abalone Shell")

Despite my summer skin being tanner, you can see how well "Abalone Shell" suits my skin tone in the photo below.

(photographed: MAC "Abalone Shell," 2 coats)

(photographed: MAC "Abalone Shell," two coats)

(MAC "Abalone Shell," 2 coats)

(MAC "Abalone Shell," 2 coats)

  • Only two coats needed for opacity.
  • Non-streaky and easy to apply.
  • Perfect nude for a "mannequin hands" look for my skin tone. (It fits me a bit better in the colder seasons when my skin is slightly less tan).
  • MAC nail polishes are priced at $16, a steep price if you consider it only holds .3 oz. For a comparison, Essie, which is usually price around $8, holds .5 oz. 
  • Since it was a limited edition polish a couple years back it is no longer available.

Final Verdict: MAC "Abalone Shell" has been my go-to nude polish, and despite the price, I would buy it again if it were still available. Sadly, it isn't, and once I have completely used it up, I will be in need of a new go-to skin tone nude.

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  1. Such a flattering color on you :D, I'm really eager to try some MAC polishes but the price holds me back...