Sunday, June 24, 2012

Orly "Rage" & Essie "A Cut Above"

After wearing shade after shade of different cream colors, I was craving something with glitter. Today's notd combination of Orly "Rage" and Essie "A Cut Above" is satisfying that craving.

(photographed [left to right]: Orly "Rage," Essie "A Cut Above")

Orly "Rage" is a rose-gold color with a foil finish. It is a mixture of pink and silver and, in certain lighting, it can be frustratingly difficult to see any pink at all. However, when combined with "A Cut Above," the pink stands out much more.

(photographed: Orly "Rage")

Essie "A Cut Above" is a pink in a clear base. The glitters, though all relatively round, are of different sizes.

(photographed: Essie "A Cut Above")

I really adore this combination. "A Cut Above" helps bring out the pink in "Rage," making the rose-gold quality in the color stand out in what otherwise is a silver-y pink polish.

(photographed: one coat of Orly "Rage," two coats of Essie "A Cut Above," outdoors)

Would you wear it?

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  1. I would definitely try this combo! But I will probably cheat and use the glitters only at the tips.