Thursday, June 21, 2012

NOTD: Essie "Haute As Hello"

Today's nail post is a coral/peach color that was from an Essie collection back in 2010. Essie's "Haute As Hello" is a bright, almost-neon, coral, though slightly pinker than the normal coral. It's a great color for summer if you love brights.

"Haute As Hello" is often compared to Essie's "Tart Deco," which I also have and love. "Tart Deco" is, however, noticeably more orange and less bright than "Haute As Hello." "Haute As Hello" has a strange finish, appearing almost matte without a top coat. Luckily, I always wear a top coat, because I am a huge proponent of glossy nails.

(photographed[left to right]: Essie "Van D'Go," "A Crewed Interest," "Tart Deco," "Haute As Hello," "Cute As A Button")

"Haute As Hello" resembles "Tart Deco" in the photo below due to the orange tinge it takes on when its in the shade.

(Essie "Haute As Hello," 3 coats)

In the sun, however, it is insanely bright. If you think the polish looks bright in the photos below, you don't know the half of it.

(Essie "Haute As Hello," 3 coats)

(Essie "Haute As Hello," 3 coats)

  • Beautiful standout color for summer.
  • cute on both fair and tanned skin.
  • (could be a pro if you're into matte finish- I'm not)
  • Even though I only used three coats in the photos, there were select fingers that could've used a fourth in order to cover up balding spots.

Final Verdict: I feel like I end up saying this for a lot of Essie polishes, since from my experience it is often true, but despite the streaky formula, I could wear this color every day of summer.


  1. This was extremely helpful to me. I JUST bought two new essie polishes today, and I couldn't decide between haute as hello and tart deco! I settled on haute as hello ahaha

  2. I've been looking all over for nail swatches done by someone with a similar skin tone as me, because I have a lot of trouble finding pinks and oranges that look good! You've swatched a bunch of colours I've been looking into, and have impeccable taste in books. Thanks girl! (:

    1. Why, thank you. :)
      I had the same problem finding swatches on people w/ similar skintone as me. So, I'm glad you found them useful!