Thursday, December 20, 2012

22nd Day of Christmas: OPI "Gone Gonzo"

For the 22nd Day of Christmas I have yet another single-polish manicure for a chunky glitter from last year's OPI Muppets collection, "Gone Gonzo."

"Gone Gonzo" is a blue and silver glitter in a clear base. The blue glitters are fine and the silver glitters are fewer and larger. This polish is incredibly sheer, and even after five coats, you can still see bald spots.

(photographed: OPI "Gone Gonzo")

This polish, though very fun, is frustrating to apply. If you can find a base that matches the blue glitters than I'm sure you'll love (though I have yet to find one). (Also, excuse the dry hands in the photos below. Winter is harsh on my skin.)

(photographed: OPI "Gone Gonzo," 5 coats)

(photographed: OPI "Gone Gonzo," 5 coats)

We're really winding down the the end of these manicures, and as fun as it has been, I think my nails are ready for a break from all the glitter madness!


  1. So shiny :).

    Would Blagger or other darker blue's not be a good base? Some contrast could provide a nice backdrop for the lighter blue glitters.

    1. Dark colors make a fun base, but I meant in the sense of trying to get the manicure to resemble the look in the bottle, I can't find a good shimmery blue to use as a base.