Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NOTD: Zoya "Storm"

Today's notd is for Zoya's "Storm." I initially did not care to buy this polish at all, but then my very close friend, Dafinepolish, got me a set of Zoya polishes for Christmas, including this one. This polish is an incredibly unique polish. It has small holographic shimmers in a black base. I think what made me initially uninterested in this polish, was the fact that holographic polishes often photograph flat. All swatches I found didn't compel me. It wasn't until my friend got it for me and I finally painted it on for the first time that I really fell in love!

(Zoya "Storm")

I really couldn't get a good shot of the holographic shimmers in this polish. I would recommend you check out my friend's (the one who gifted me this polish) photos here. She used a macro lens and the images are a lot better than any of the ones I could get.

The formula of this polish is pretty good! The first coat goes on very streaky, but the second coat miraculously covers the entire nail.

(Zoya "Storm," 2 coats)

I think the photo below is the best shot I have that shows off the holographic properties (on the nail, not in the bottle). Enlarge it and see!

(Zoya "Storm," 2 coats)

(Zoya "Storm," 2 coats)

I really love this polish. I never wear straight black polish, but I have already worn "Storm" numerous times. So happy I was given this one or else I wouldn't have known what I was missing out on!

What are you sporting on your nails?