Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NOTD: Orly "Rage"

Today nail post is for Orly's "Rage." I was unsure if I had ever done a notd for this polish, and I don't think I actually have. I have done many comparison posts for it, but no singular post. I think the camera I use now is slightly better anyway.

Orly's "Rage," is a rose-y silver foil polish. I hesitate when calling it a "rose gold" because it is definitely much cooler than the color that's known as a true rose gold.

(Orly "Rage")

The application of this polish is fairly decent. Two coats for opacity. My only gripe with this polish is that it chips very quickly.

(Orly "Rage," 2 coats)
(Orly "Rage," 2 coats)

(Orly "Rage," 2 coats)

I hope you enjoyed this notd. In lieu of trying to purchase a lot of polishes, I have been returning to old favorites. Hopefully that pattern isn't too boring.


  1. I'm amused at how we both reached for rose-gold toned polishes today! I'm sporting deborah lippmann "sugar daddy" (it won over "glamorous life")

    Hope your day goes amazingly :)

    1. You know how much I love "Glamorous Life." But I didn't realize "Sugar Daddy" was a rose gold. I thought it was that interesting duo-chrome one.