Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NOTD: Essie "Sand Tropez" + Nicole by OPI "Rainbow in the Sky-lie"

This may be a result of all the plain cream polishes I have been wearing lately, but I was in the mood for some intense glitter nails. When I need a high dosage of glitter, Nicole by OPI's "Rainbow in the Sky-lie" often comes to mind. I put that chunky rainbow glitter over one of my old favorite beige-y/nude polish, Essie's "Sand Tropez."

([L-R]: Essie "Sand Tropez," NOPI "Rainbow In the Sky-lie")

This combination is doing the trick. I love the rainbow over the nude base. "Sand Tropez" tones down the rainbow glitter and still allows it to shine.

I don't particularly love the formula of "Rainbow in the Sky-lie." After two uses, the polish dried up  A LOT and when I used this time around, it was really difficult to spread the glitter. Luckily, I was in the mood for glitter overload so the concentrated glitters didn't bother me. I am on the lookout for a rainbow glitter with a better formula. Although, I do have to admit that as chunky as this glitter is, it is one of the easier glitter polishes to remove (even if you don't use 100% pure acetone).

(2 coats Essie "Sand Tropez," 1 coat NOPI "Rainbow in the Sky-lie")

(2 coats Essie "Sand Tropez," 1 coat NOPI "Rainbow in the Sky-lie")

I hope enjoyed this crazy glitter notd.

What nail look are you sporting?


  1. :D this made me smile and still makes me so happy! pretty combination!

    I hope my nopi won't get dry ;(

    1. Yeah, I only used mine two times before this and it looks like I only have half the bottle left because it got so dry. =_=