Sunday, February 3, 2013

NOTD: OPI "You Don't Know Jacques"

Today's notd is for a classic OPI color and also one of my favorites, "You Don't Know Jacques." This polish is a brown-grey that can heavier one way or the other depending on what your environment is.
I love my muddy looking polishes, and this is definitely one of my most favorite. For whatever reason, I thought it was an appropriate color choice for Superbowl Sunday.

(OPI "You Don't Know Jacques")

The application of this polish can be streaky on the first coat, but after the second it is fairly opaque. If you're paranoid about showing no bald spots whatsoever, you may need a third coat for complete opacity. The finish of this polish is also fairly glossy even without top coat. I find that many OPI polishes are this way.

I love, love, love this polish. It is one of those reliables that I can go to when I don't know what to paint my nails. The fact that it dances the border between a brown or grey polish keeps it from getting too dull. (Excuse my hands if they appear dry in the photos below. No hand lotion can remedy what winter dryness does to them.)

(OPI "You Don't Know Jacques," 3 coats)

(OPI "You Don't Know Jacques," 3 coats)

(OPI "You Don't Know Jacques," 3 coats)

If you love grey-toned polishes that have that muddy appearance, I think you will love this one. It truly is a classic OPI shade.

What are you wearing this Superbowl Sunday?


  1. May I suggest the Eucerin hand cream w/the red lid, very effective for dryness :)
    I love darker polishes on your hands---so chic ✨!