Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NOTD: Essie "Cute As a Button"

Today's notd is a nice bright polish for spring and summer. Essie's "Cute As a Button" is a bright pink-coral polish. I've had this polish for a couple years. It's never been my favorite, but is one I like to wear occasionally.

When Butter London's "Trout Pout" was released last spring, I was surprised by the amount of people who claimed Essie's "Cute As a Button" was a dupe. They definitely are not. "Cute As a Button" certainly photographs similarly. The camera has a way of subduing its strong pink tones, but in real life it is much much pinker than "Trout Pout."

The camera has a tough time capturing this color accurately. In the photos below it comes off quite a bit more coral than in real life. It much more closely resembles the photo of the bottle above. Stronger pink tones. Honestly, if the color looked more the one in the photos below I would like it more.

The formula is not great. 3 coats required for opacity.

(Essie "Cute As a Button," 3 coats)

(Essie "Cute As a Button," 3 coats)

Between this polish and Butter London's "Trout Pout," I prefer "Trout Pout" but I still go to this color occasionally. I like it's semi-jelly, semi-cream finish. It's very appropriate for summer.

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  1. i like this semi-jelly finish. the photographed color looks great against your skin tone :)