Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Polish Comparison: Revlon "Heavenly" vs. China Glaze "Snow Globe"

I have another polish comparison post for you; this time with glitters.
I will be comparing two iridescent glitters, China Glaze's "Snow Globe" from China Glaze's 2011 Holiday Collection and Revlon "Heavenly" a newer polish from Revlon that is supposedly a dupe for Deborah Lippman's "Stairway to Heaven" (a claim I can neither prove nor refute since I don't own it).

Revlon's "Heavenly" is a beautiful, chunky iridescent glitter with varying glitter sizes. Right off the bat I know there are some hexagonal and square glitters, both with various sizes. The formulation is decent. One coat provides a decent amount.
If you would like to see this polish layered over a nude (like in the photo below), I did a notd of it over Essie's "Sand Tropez," which you can find here.

China Glaze's "Snow Globe," was probably my favorite glitter of all time. My only issue with it is that I had to purchase a second bottle halfway through the first one since it dried up so horribly (a common problem I have with chunky China Glaze glitters). 
I did two notds for this polish back in my Holiday manicure craze.
You can find more photos of "Snow Globe" over a blue (depicted below) here.
And you can find "Snow Globe" over a frosty white (also depicted below) here.

In the bottle, these two polishes have a very similar look. Their translucent base looks the same as well as the general iridescent glow of the glitters. However, even from look at the bottle, you can tell that the glitters in China Glaze's "Snow Globe" looks finer than that Revlon's.

I apologize my swatches aren't great quality (I need a macro lens) but I think you can still see some clear differences between the two. Again, the color palette and overall look of the glitter is the same. The grades are what distinguish them. Also, China Glaze's "Snow Globe" is more dense than Revlon's "Heavenly."

I also swatched them over a black (Essie's "Licorice") for easier viewing. Once again, immediate differences are:
1. size of the glitter
2. density of the polish

Otherwise, they are very similar.

I hope that was a useful polish comparison! (:
I love this type of iridescent glitter so much I'm even tempted by Deborah Lippmann's "Stairwary to Heaven." Though I doubt I could justify the price when I already have these two.


  1. The CG looks mesmerizing over the black~ Like I'm staring into a lovely cosmos! I like the finer size of CG, I may have to get it now....

  2. Excellent review, helped make my decision so much!