Friday, April 26, 2013

NOTD: Hard Candy "Sugar Rush"

Today's notd is for Hard Candy's "Sugar Rush."
I've never purchased any Hard Candy polishes before this line came out, but when I saw the Deborah Lippmann Staccato line, I knew my wallet would be happier if I just went with the Hard Candy look-alikes.

"Sugar Rush" is a glitter with a jelly white base. The base itself is very sheer- what I presume to require 3 coats for opacity. So rather than waste the polish itself, I layered a white (China Glaze's "White on White") underneath.

The glitters themselves are all the same small round grade. From what I can tell there are only 2 different glitter shades: black and silver. However, the jelly sandwich affect of the jelly base makes it look like there are varying shades of grey (a really nice affect). 

(1 coat China Glaze "White on White," 2 coats Hard Candy "Sugar Rush")

I do want to emphasize that in order to get that lovely depth of the "jelly sandwich manicure" look, you should apply at least 2 layers of the glitter polish. So don't use an opaque white base and 1 only coat of "Sugar Rush" or else the final look won't be as nice. I hope that makes sense.

(1 coat China Glaze "White on White," 2 coats Hard Candy "Sugar Rush")

(1 coat China Glaze "White on White," 2 coats Hard Candy "Sugar Rush")

What a fun polish. It looks like you have Cookies 'n Cream ice-cream on your fingers.
I'm very happy I went with the Hard Candy line over the Deborah Lippmann. I can't imagine myself wearing this manicure enough to justify the $18.

I also picked up "Cocoa Smoke," which looks exactly like "Sugar Rush" but with a grey-brown base.

What's on your nails?


  1. Pretty!!!! �� Definitely a wallet saving must have! Now to get my bum to a Walmart...